ICEX is a Louisiana owned ice company based in Lafayette, Louisiana.  ICEX's patented Ice Island System, also known as ice cube baggers, automated ice baggers and in-store ice baggers, gives us the flexibility to create a more efficient ice process which eliminates the need for added cost associated with delivery and service fees.  The packaged ice industry continues to operate within an archaic business model which is not in the best interest of the customer.  Thus, part of our mission is to educate retailers and catering companies about our ice baggers in order to bring the industry into the 21st century.

ICEX ice bagger creates added value for the client since it gives and creates needed wiggle room in a company's budget to negotiate with other suppliers.  Our ice baggers simultaneously reduce cost, maximize profit and allow our customers to implement inventory control measures due to the fact our business model creates a more efficient process.  In addition, our ice baggers provide to qualified companies the ability to utilize scanner based trading and the option to avoid additional capital cost.

ICEX also offers packaged ice, rentals and mobile media for special events such as festivals throughout Louisiana.  Our packaged ice includes block ice and nugget ice.  ICEX looks to provie in the near future our multi-dimensional platform to cities around the country.  Our flexible business model is a great fit for airports, hospitals, and entertainment and sports venues.

ICEX Ice Island System
Event Ice - Special Events
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Airport Services

ICEX stands by our community in the time of need. Our Emergency Ice department is always on standby to help. Click here for more info.

Specialty Items
We are so much more than your typcial ice company we provide products for Snowball
Stands, portable ice systems for your events even BBQ Pits to keep the fun going... Click here for more
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